Team Lead vs Technical Lead

Team lead and Technical lead (also known as Tech lead) are two different roles which require different kind of skills. However, some times it is the same person who perform both roles.

Team Leader

  • Team focused
  • Resolves individual issues
  • Reports to Management
  • Evaluates team’s performance
  • Helps team members grow personally and professionally
  • Communicates within the team
  • Ensures processes are being followed

Technical Lead

  • Tech focused
  • Usually the most experienced in the team
  • Shares technical knowledge within the team
  • Guides and trains junior developers
  • Performs code reviews
  • Translates technical ideas for non-technical people
  • Ensures technical best practices are followed
  • A goto person for technical questions


What is Agile

The word ‘Agile’ stems from agility which is the quality or ability to move quickly and easily. The same concept has been embodied into a software development methodology called Agile Methodology.

Unlike the traditional approaches to software development (for example Waterfall), Agile is about responding to changes in a timely and efficient manner. It focuses more on the evolution of the software based on the feedback or changes in requirements. It requires the team members to collaborate and advocates that the teams should be cross-functional.