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Writing conclusion paragraph in an essay

A conclusion paragraph is a wrap-up of all your ideas which you have explained while writing the essay.

It should not introduce any new ideas which were previously not addressed in the essay. It can contain suggestions and recommendations.

Following structure can be followed to write a effective conclusion.

  • Conclusion/Final comments
    Start by providing feeling that the end of the essay has been reached
  • Rephrase thesis statement
    Restate thesis (mini-thesis) in different words but same exact meaning
  • Restate all points you made
    In very concise way present or restate all your ideas that you presented during the essay in the same logical manner that you used while writing the essay
  • Opinion, Suggestions and Recommendations
    Provide realistic but valuable opinions, suggestions and recommendations
  • Concluding Remarks
    At the end provide your concluding remarks. Choose the best of your words to end the essay. It should be a concluding statement which sums up the essay

Tip: Use transition words to nicely connect all the lines in the conclusion paragraph

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