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How to write body paragraphs in an essay

Structure of a body paragraph in an essay can be written using the following formula.

  1. Transitional statement (must lead reader into evidence)
  2. Topic statement (supporting your thesis)
  3. Evidence (facts, examples and analysis – Explain your evidence in 1 – 2 lines clarifying reason for its usage)
  4. Concluding statement (must reflect your stance – can be a result, recommendation or prediction)
  5. Transition to next paragraph (reflect what the next paragraph is going to be about)


  • 7 – 10 lines per paragraph (1 topic statement + 5-8 supporting sentences + 1 conclusion)
  • Each paragraph must represent only one theme

Apart from the structure above which represents a complete body paragraph, you can also write Transition Paragraphs to connect previous and upcoming paragraphs

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